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Anna Heidrun Schmitt, chair person

Direction of projects, contact person for questions/ FAQs and the projects.

communication trainer (DGSS) and coach, studies in french and politics for teacher at high schools; Topics are participation and community, communikation and self expression, creative methods of theatre, music, writing, monitoring of radio programs and professiona feedback, analysis of symbolic politics, postcolonialism, development cooperation.

"We do it differently!"

Anna Heidrun Schmidt

Isabel Blumberg, chair person

Co-direction of YOW.

Student of laws, participant of YOW in 2006/2007, since multiplyer. Engaged in TDS Girls.

"I want to make a change in the world and encourage young people, to build up their propper opinion and to stand for their vision of a better world."

Isabel Blumberg

Caroline Priese

Marketing manager and presse spokeswoman in the area of biological food, free journalist mainly in sustainable clothing. manager of media. In 2006 participant of YOW. Personal interest Corporate Social Responsability, Social Business and sustainability.

Caroline Priese

Marion Reiser

Scientist of politics. Fields of research: Democracy in communities, participation and research of transformation.


Fiona Rostalski

Since 2010 in YOW, Alumna.


Sabrina Steinbrink

Since 2010 in YOW, student of english speaking cultures combined with sciences of communication and media.

"I want to live and carry on community, love, compassion, positiv confrontation, discussion, responsibility, communication and cooperation - and thus, at least a bit, change the world."


Members of support: Anna Jöster, Annica Lampe, Gudrun Stockmann, Yasmin Recepoglu, Mareike Thieben