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Excuse us for giving further decriptions in english just shortly, you will find them via the links

NGOs/ foundations:
- Agro-PME Fondation , Yaoundé, Center, Cameroon.
Founded in 1987, is working with youths and selfemployment, supports us since 2006 for Talking Drum Studios and Youth on the world.
Mailto :

- A2F, Yaoundé, Center, Cameroon; France.
Joseph Akoa, former engagement in Agro-PME, entrepreneur and "parein" of the project supports us since 2006

- ADEAJEF: NGO founded in 2010, Assocation for development by education and selfpromotion of youth and women. youthled, non-hierarchical, merging of the projects.

-Stiftung Die Schwelle - working for peace

Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium Bremen
Lycée bilingue de Bafoussam (GBHS)

Individuals and organisations, with whom we cooperate regularly:
- Claudia G. Ohler: Since 2005 supporting us as consultant and trainer.

- ITJ-Reisen: our office of tourism

- Solidaritätsfonds Demokratische Medien in der Welt:
Works for democratic media worldwide.

- Uni Bremen, International Office:We exchange with them regularly, also for possibilities of studies for "external" students in Bremen

- Aktion Selbstbesteuerung e.V. - Friede durch gerechte Entwicklungspolitik (peace through just and fair politics of development:

- Der Senator für Umwelt, Bau, Verkehr und Europa - Entwicklungszusammenarbeit (the minister for environment, construction, traffic and Europe)We exchange constantly on development cooperation.

- Harchil Hagmou, stuies in economy, supports us in workshops, also in cooperation with Cameroonian Cultural Union Göttingen (CCUG e.V.)

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