Vepik e.V.

c/o Anna Heidrun Schmitt
Stegemühlenweg 40
D-37083 Göttingen

fon: +49 551-76419
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We finance our projects by funding from public and private sponsors. Every participant takes part.
There are no administrative fees, the funding is directly used for the project activities!

We need assistance and support to realize the activities:
- You can support with an unique donation for one of our projects.
- Or you give a regular donation for a project of your choice.
- Or you support our work through a solifond fpr all projects.

As a donator, you will receive an annual report about the project, which you've supported.
Vepik is a non-profit organisation, donations are tax-deductible.
We thank you very much!

Vepik e.V.:
Sparkasse Göttingen
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Projekt 3: keyword: workshops
Solifonds: keyword: Solifonds

For further information please contact:
Vepik e.V.

- Feedback of the Arnold-Bergstaesser Institute for cultural sciences e.V.,page 1 , page 2
- Aufruf zur Unterstützung von Youth on the world - von Honorarkonsul Herr Dr.-Ing. Hans Walter

"...The initiative of Vepik is a step in the right direction. Such projects are in need of support, however without any financing, the meeting stays a dream. Help to realize the dream. Support the work of the young people! "