Vepik e.V.

c/o Anna Heidrun Schmitt
Stegemühlenweg 40
D-37083 Göttingen

fon: +49 551-76419
fax: +49 551-3706992


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Our vision

A living community of all human beings requires to meet each other. To meet in a way that everybody can express him/herself freely, in a way that we respect each other in our diversity and difference, and meet us at eye-level. Then learning from each other is mutually enriching, and it gives space and strength for creative acting done together, for shapening our world being one with it.

We see our task in giving support for understanding and cooperation, based on equal participation and mutual consideration - on local and global level, in "small" and "big" things. To contribute freely, to partake and to share is the basis to master current global challenges together and to find creative solutions. We want to initiate processes of change -so that everybody has a space, everybody has a voice and that we experience ourselves as being connected to all life.

We provide inspirations for global learning and a world of understanding.