Vepik e.V.

c/o Anna Heidrun Schmitt
Stegemühlenweg 40
D-37083 Göttingen

fon: +49 551-76419
fax: +49 551-3706992


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Our work - make visions be lived and alive

We understand ourselves as a space making meeting possible.
    • All participants are equally important, al contribute, all are heard and taken serious.
    • We work following the needs and developments of the individuals and the groups.
    • We encourage to show the own potential and to live it for the best of all.
    • We learn from each other and develop continuously further - us and the projects - following the dynamics of change.
    • Creative methods of theatre, music, writing a.s.o. support free self expression and open new ways beyond the usual setting.

In our work the aim of our work is reflected by the form/ structure and methods.

We set new impulses for global learning and a world of understanding.
We go new paths - for a peaceful, societable and joyful world.