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1. phasis 2006- 2008

- Hermann-Böse-Gymnasium (HBG) and Lycée Général Leclerc Yaoundé
- Topics: cameroonians in Bremen; religion in Cameroon; music; politics and history, minorities
- internship of a suiss student (PHZ Luzern) in Cameroon in all projects

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2nd phasis 2007- 2009

- Alten Gymnasium and Lycée Bilingue Bafoussam
- Topics: Homosexuality; role of women; tradition and culture; international relations and migration; languages and francophonie, health
- internship of three suiss students in Cameroon in all projects
- first formation in participatory project management, since then constantly

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3rd phasis 2009- 2010

- Youth goes culture: main topic "Solidarity"
- School club SZ Blumenthal and HBG and Lycée bilingue Bafoussam, moderated by alumni
- formation of multiplyers in PPM; intercultural conference „Die Schmiede“ in Germany
- Topics: culture; orphans and handicaped; financial crises and european economy in Africa; migration; women
- ASA-South- North- project, see more under TDS girls results 2009; among this Promotion-film ASA
- since 2009: regular weekly radio program "Youth attitude" in Bafoussam
- formation on group moderation in Cameroon during meeting in october 2009

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4th phasis 2010- 2011:

- main topic: "stand for and stand up for the one world"
- School club HBG and lycée bilingue Bafoussam
- Topics culture, environment (and politics), sports, values, religion/ superstition, racism
- conferences on sharing, consideration, standing for Mai - November 2010 in Germany, in Cameroon workshops on sustainabilty/ climate; values and diversity; gender.
- ASA-south-project (foreseen as south-north-project)

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5th phasis 2011- 2012:

- main topic: "to live the life"
- School club HBG, and Hamburger Schule, school Bafoussam
- topics youth culture, culture, politics, values/ forms of being;
- exhibition „to live the life", including film

men theater dorf fest ausstellung

6th phasis 2013- 2014:

- main topic: "consideration/ appreciation"
- School club with main moderation of Alumni, HBG, with Hamburger Schule, school GBHS Bafoussam
- topics culture, international politics, education, gender, freedom of press and speech;
- book "appreciation" and short film on journey in Cameroon

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7th phasis 2014 - 2016:

- main topic: "living in accordance"
- free school club moderated by Alumni, HBG, with Hamburger Schule, school GBHS Bafoussam
- topics youth and vision, global and local change, status/ role, situation in Cameroon
- intercultural cooking book "cooking in accordance - just one soup?"

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8th phasis 2016 - 2017:

- main topic: "values and unequality"
- nearly all particpants continue working
- open club, cooperation with HBG, Hamburger Schule, GBHS Bafoussam, change of Alumni-system
- journey to Cameroon - reported from 7th phasis
- topics Boko Haram, beauty, values, unequality, racism- "tribalism", méritocratie, "anglohone crises"...
- many actions of public work and advocacy
- yow-own Blog

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